Welcome to the young and growing church who wants to be more than "just a church."

At AcaciaChurch, we want to be a hope-inspiring community of people passionate about a relationship with Christ who support each other in this awesome journey of faith.

We are so excited that you found us and are interested in learning more about AcaciaChurch. Here are a few more details as you continue to learn about us.

*Email if you would like more information about our substance abuse and addiction ministries.



AcaciaChurch intends on "growing small" by staying very closely connected through fellowship and small group environments. 

We have several LifeGroup leaders who will host and facilitate small group activities and /or discussions in various locations at various times throughout the month. These fantastic groups are small, safe environments for you to connect with others while learning to do life together.

If you wish to find out more about LifeGroup,  please email us here.


AcaciaStudents exists to provide a place for students to identify Jesus and develop their faith in Him with the help of parents, pastors, and friends. Together we will create a platform to launch students into a life of following Jesus and serving His Kingdom.

We are saved to serve. We know that we can’t follow Christ alone and so we gather together weekly in small group settings designed to learn and grow together in relationship with Him and others around us.



We take children’s ministry very serious at Acacia. It’s a place where your children can learn about Christ in ways they enjoy and understand.

Sometimes they learn through activities and sometimes it’s through interactive lessons, but all the time there’s a belief and commitment on the part of our teachers that children should be shown the love of Christ and fall in love with Him, every bit as much as adults. [Special needs services available for 5th grade and younger.]

To save time, feel free to pre-register your child(ren) below.

Serve Team

One of our primary elements of vision is to see everyone find a tremendous amount of fulfillment in life. We believe there is no better way to find this than by serving others.