Welcome to acacia

Welcome to the young and growing church who wants to be more than "just a church." At AcaciaChurch, we want to be a hope-inspiring community of people passionate about a relationship with Christ who support each other in this awesome journey of faith. We are so excited that you found us and are interested in learning more about AcaciaChurch.

Come join us in worship this Sunday morning at 10051 Siegen Lane (between Perkins and Highland) in Baton Rouge.  

We offer a 9am or 10:45am gathering to choose from.

Check out the site or feel free to contact us by calling (225) 366-8310.

Click here to get a peek at what Sundays are like.


Ever make a mistake? (all the hands go up)  That's just our reality, right? We're not perfect. We've all made mistakes. Big mistakes, little mistakes, and all sizes in between. But there's another reality you need to realize. By way of the Gospel of Jesus, you can swap out the old life for a new one! You can begin again! You can trade the IF ONLYs for some WHAT IFs! Find out more each Sunday this October at Acacia!

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