Welcome to acacia

Welcome to the young and growing church who wants to be more than "just a church." At AcaciaChurch, we want to be a hope-inspiring community of people passionate about a relationship with Christ who support each other in this awesome journey of faith. We are so excited that you found us and are interested in learning more about AcaciaChurch.

Come join us in worship this Sunday morning at 10:00 AM at 10051 Siegen Lane (between Perkins and Highland) in Baton Rouge.

Check out the site or feel free to contact us by calling (225) 366-8310.

Here are a few Instagram pics for you while you check out the site.

OUR (TWO) current series

Oddly enough... we currently have two series going on. Each Sunday morning (10am) in August we're digging into a series called "Wired For Worship" where we'll understand why we are wired as we are. And each Wednesday night (7pm) in August we're having a very special series of teachings called "Summer Nights" where we'll be teaching through the book THE CIRCLE MAKER and learning how to pray prayers big enough to catch our dreams! Make plans now to attend some of these life-giving messages as you discover how to gain even further traction in your spiritual journey forward!

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