At AcaciaChurch our approach to personal spiritual growth starts with the individual, but must

spread throughout the entire family. That's why we offer specific, focused ministries to each

family element while also giving attention to the entire family as a whole.  Below find a quick explanation of each area of focus and how they might apply to you.

Acacia kids

Our children’s ministry isn’t just a place you can leave your kids with responsible, 

competent teachers to be babysat while you join the adults in worship. 

It’s a place where your children can learn about Christ in ways they enjoy and understand.

Sometimes it’s through activities. Sometimes it’s through interactive lessons. Always, 

there’s a belief and commitment on the part of our teachers that children should be shown

the love of Christ and fall in love with Him, every bit as much as adults.

There are a lot tough issues in a person’s walk of faith and no one at Acacia pretends to have

all the answers. Our teachers want to work with you to help your child in their own spiritual

journey - to discover the incredible life that awaits them in Christ.


acacia students

AcaciaStudents exists to provide a place for students to identify Jesus and develop their faith in Him with the help of parents, pastors, and friends. Together we will create a platform to launch students into a life of following Jesus and serving His Kingdom. 

We are saved to serve. We know that we can’t follow Christ alone and so we gather together weekly in small group settings designed to learn and grow together in relationship with Him and others around us. 


Acacia Church intends on "growing small" by staying very closely connected

through fellowship and small group environments. 

We have several LifeGroup leaders who will host and facilitate small group activities and /or discussions in various

locations at various times throughout the month. This will be an intimate, small, safe environment for

you to truly connect with others while learning to do life together.

If you wish to find out more about LifeGroups or if you wish to locate a group that will be

meeting in an area near you, please email us here.

married life

A church will only be as strong as the families that make up that church. 

With that thought in mind, Acacia is committed to providing opportunities for our

families to learn together and grow together. A few times throughout the year, 

we will have weekends where we totally focus on our families. 

Single parent families, traditional families and blended families... we are all trying to

become one big, happy family and you're totally invited to jump right in!

Our Married Life ministry is about health and growth because we want our families growing healthy.

men's and women's

There's always something happening just for men and just for women. From small group

gatherings to Bible Studies to open-format settings to just talking and sharing life. Acacia

hold various events from men's fishing trips to women's luncheons and all sorts of

things in between, and each one of them facilitates the purpose of people from all

walks of life coming together to do life. 

Acacia considers these focused efforts on specific groups to be very important. We think

the attention given to smaller groups are very good for the overall health of the church.