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Let’s Go!

Starting Point

StartingPoint guides you to discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. This easy and fun gathering is made up of four steps that equip you to find freedom in Jesus, connection in community, and fulfillment in purpose.


Week 1 - Freedom


Learn about how spiritual freedom is the key to personal growth.

Week 1 happens the first week of each month.

Week 2 - Connection


Learn how connecting with others helps you more than it helps others.

Week 2 happens the second week of each month.


Week 3 - Fulfillment


Learn about the benefits of finding your place in God’s Kingdom.

Week 3 happens the third week of each month.

Week 4 - Let’s go!!

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Learn about the opportunities at Acacia and how easy it is to jump aboard.

Week 4 happens the fourth week of each month.


Get Started

“StartingPoint not only gave me great information about AcaciaChurch, it helped me make quick connections here!”

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